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About Us / The Inn at Hidden Pond

Michelle and Paul Migrala started their lives together in New Jersey, but they needed more space and more nature in their lives. So, they packed up their bags and moved to Washington state in June1992 and bought the Inn on June 1st, 2019. 


The history of the Inn at Hidden Pond.

The Inn was built over many years by Martha and Ron Thomas. Opened it's doors in 1990 as the Hidden Hills Resort. Now when I say Martha and Ron built the Inn, they really did, from blasting the rock with dynamite to dig out a basement, clearing and leveling the land for the buildings and parking areas. Martha Thomas did all of the decorating, she picked out the furnishings and put up every inch of wall paper. Martha was and is the heart of the Inn. When we came to see the Inn in January of 2019, the driveway was covered in snow, it was somewhat scary... From Fish Lake road to the Inn is a 680 foot elevation change and some of the road edges were super steep. Now we were both thinking "no way", but we said we would come to see the Inn, so on we went. Thank goodness we did because we fell in love with the Inn and Martha.

The rebranding and slight décor change.

We made some minor changes to the Inn, changing the name to make it our own, so with months of debate The Inn at Hidden Pond came to be. Changing some of the décor to go with a more western theme, adding multiple WIFI units for the guest and TV's for each room. Some rooms were converted from queen to king size beds. Hopefully we kept the original feel that Martha nurtured. We hope that you will come and visit and fall in love with the Inn and the countryside the same way we did. 

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